Welcome to the my candid mantra wedding photography. We are the best kerala wedding photography service provider from the shore of Arabian sea with years of tradition to capture most touching moments of life. Over 30 years pf experience, we have done works across the different areas of photography. We shot 10000 of photoshots for 10000 of clients around kerala. we have team highly experienced professional photographers and videographers to create visual stories, styles , diaries of love, laugh and emotions. Its all we do, all day we are awesome at it!

We always try to provide top-notch photography service to everyone who comes through the door. We do this because you deserve it. Our photography crew is the central pillar of the company and they all are passionate and specialized in photography and their efforts and dedication reflects in our results.

Our photographers always clicks for the best and positive emotions without losing its naturality and it helps the customer to recall the evergreen moments. We always strive to present good works with the highest level of honesty and that is the success of My candid mantra wedding photography in kerala wedding photography

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ALTHAF & ALEENA has become specialized in indian wedding photography over the years. we started with our friend wedding several years back and from there we were referred to other. Now the majority’s of our weddings are for kerala couples. The journey has been amazing and we feel so blessed to be a part of the kerala community , capturing some of the most elaborate, grand and beautiful weddings in the world